Hotel Security Staffing

By contracting with Strongbox, our clients benefit in many ways. Rather than deal with expensive hiring, staffing, training, outfitting, and payroll costs for a security team, our clients pay a specific rate for security services through Strongbox, saving time, management costs, and overall costs. Our security personnel are trained to a much higher level than industry standards dictate. Our personnel pride themselves on being the best at what they do. In addition to interior and exterior security patrols, our security teams consist of supervisory officers that have years of training, experience, and knowledge in hospitality security. Because of this, they understand that a hotel’s reputation is paramount to its’ success. As such, our security personnel are personable, professional, and reliable. They are trained in conflict-resolution by de-escalation of force and are effective at using non-violent and verbal skills to handle potentially violent situations. Trust only the best to protect what matters most. Trust Strongbox for all of your physical security needs.

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