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Construction Site Security Newton

Construction Site Security In Newton

Why You Should Get Security Guard Services for a Construction Site in Newton, MA.

If you are a contractor or architect and are planning a project in Newton, MA, you should consider getting construction site security. Security guard services may seem like an unnecessary cost, especially if you are already spending large amounts on materials and labor. However, ensuring that your project is not delayed or damaged by vandalism or theft may be a worthwhile investment. Just having security guards present will help to deter potential thieves. Whether you are doing a construction job for yourself or a family member, a business person striving to provide an exemplary customer service experience, or a client who wants to pay for security because it is not included with the work you are paying your contractor to do, hiring construction site security in Newton, MA is a good way to prevent damages. Here are all the reasons you should consider getting security guard services for whatever your construction project is in Middlesex and examples of how different types of security prevent damages and loss of money. You may think that getting security guards is the only way to protect a construction site, but there are actually many different ways you can prevent delays and damages to your project. If you decide that this route is for you, give us a call at Strong Box Security Services today!

Why You Should Get Construction Site Security

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

The first and possibly the most obvious reason to get security guard services for a construction site is to prevent and/or deter people from stealing materials from your construction site or vandalizing the area. Tools and materials can be worth a significant amount and are in danger of being stolen if left unattended. There are several things you can do to help prevent theft; locking up tools and equipment at the end of the day, making sure all cars are locked, and performing employee background checks are a few good practices. However, if you want extra reassurance, a security services company will be able to install other devices and possibly send on-site security guards to prevent theft.


Having additional security is an effective way to ensure the safety of the construction workers on site. Accidents happen on construction sites and many officers are trained in first-aid and can help with injuries until first responders arrive. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that a violent individual or individuals try to enter the site, security guards are there to protect the workers. At Strong Box Security Services, many of the security guards are former military, police officers, homeland security, law enforcement, and TSA; these jobs have given our guards plenty of experience and many skills that can help to ensure the safety of those working on any construction site in Middlesex.

Prevent Accidents and Emergencies

Having security guards is also a good way to prevent accidents, damages, and injury before they happen. Security officers are trained to recognize potentially dangerous situations and can step in to mitigate the situation. Guards are there for the safety of everyone, so they will take steps to prevent injury from heavy appliances or machinery, fires, beams falling out of place, and other potential crises. 

Extra Costs, Damages, and Delays

If you are a business person in Middlesex, getting security is a good way to make sure you do not lose money. If your construction site is left vulnerable to vandalism and theft, it could mean extra costs if you need to make repairs and replace tools, equipment, or materials. Furthermore, more repairs and taking more time to replace things will mean delaying your entire project. If you are a contractor and you want to provide quality service unencumbered by delays and extra costs, construction site security is a good investment. 

Different Types of Security and How They Help

Fences and Locks

Fences and locks may seem like a basic security measure, but they are effective. Locking up all your tools and appliances at the end of the day in a shed makes them much harder to steal. Fences provide a basic barrier between the construction site and any vandals. These things may not seem necessary because fences can be scaled and locks can be broken, but consider how vulnerable your construction site would be without them. A site with no fences or locks is simply too easy to rob or vandalize. Having a basic deterrent to vandals is minimal but vital. Furthermore, you may be able to get electronic locks which are opened with a code, which are more difficult to get past.

Alarm System

Alarm systems will let you and probably everyone in the area know immediately if someone is trying to trespass on the construction site. Some alarm systems will notify the police, who will arrive in minutes to prevent theft and damages. It is also possible that once the alarm goes off, whoever activated it will be alerted and will leave immediately rather than risk getting caught and facing further penalties. Alarm systems are an effective way to deter thieves and prevent damages to your construction zone.

Security Cameras

Security cameras will let you know if any unauthorized personnel was on your construction site, but they may not be as obvious as an alarm system. If you don’t feel the need to immediately notify everyone of a break in and just want to monitor the area in case something is out of place in the morning, security cameras are a good option. 


Don’t underestimate signs! Having a notice outside your construction site that the area is protected by cameras, an alarm system, or other security measures is a good way to deter break-ins and trespassing. If someone sees these warnings they may just decide that it is not worth their time to try and get past the security when they could get caught and gain nothing from it.

On-Site Security Guards

On-Site security guards are one of the more extreme security measures, but they are a good way to ensure the security of your construction zone and the safety of your employees. Most security guards are trained in defense, firearms, and first-aid; while it is unlikely that someone who is just trying to steal equipment to later sell will try to get past guards, security officers will know how to handle violent individuals if that is what it comes to. Consider hiring security officers and investing in other security measures to have a cost-effective construction project in Newton, MA, or to provide good customer experience for your clients.

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