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Construction Site Security Stoneham

Construction Site Security In Stoneham

Security Guard Services Near Me: Why Strong Box Security Services is the Best Security Services Company and Offers the Best Construction Site Security in Stoneham, MA.

Are you spending hours looking at results after searching “security guard services near me” on google? Are you searching for professionals to help you with construction site security in Stoneham, MA? Look no further! At Strong Box Security Services, we employ experienced professionals for all kinds of security for a variety of different purposes, including protecting construction sites from theft and vandalism. If you are a contractor or are paying for construction work and want to invest in security, give us a call today at 978-298-5848! We are the best security services company in the Middlesex area, so don’t waste your time looking for “security guard services near me”; here are the reasons that you should hire Strong Box Security Services.

Licensed and Insured

Strong Box Security Services is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide security services commercially in the Stoneham, MA area. Both our guards and our business as a whole hold the proper licenses and permits to do business, including a general business license, a security service license, security guard licenses, and firearm licenses when necessary. We are also bonded and insured so that you will be protected from any additional costs in the case of accidents, emergencies, or damages that happen while our security guards are on the job. Permits, licenses, and insurance is a part of our job we take very seriously in order to provide the best service possible to the residents of Middlesex and the surrounding regions.

Experienced Security Guards

At Strong Box Security Services, our security guards are experienced, highly trained, and come from a variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement positions, SWAT, U.S. Military, Homeland Security, and the TSA. All of our guards have both on-the-job training and firearm training provided by the state in how to handle firearms and other devices and are licensed to handle this equipment. Our guards are also trained in administrative concerns such as report writing as well as CPR and first aid. In addition, our guards are required to receive annual in-service training as well as additional annual firearms training, in the case of armed security guards. New security guards can seek training outside of Strong Box Security Services, but we also offer firearm courses to new recruits. Furthermore, all guards must pass a drug screening and a background check and have previous experience in law enforcement or security. Finally, while the only education that is typically required to be a security guard is a high school diploma, many of our employees have advanced degrees concentrating in criminal justice, law enforcement, and military tactics and techniques. Our CEO is a former police officer who holds a masters degree in criminal justice. Furthermore, we give preference to veterans during our hiring process.

Excellent Customer Service

At Strong Box Security Services we strive to provide the best security guard services in Middlesex while also maintaining excellent customer service. Anyone can contract Strong Box Security Services security services; this is not limited to businesses and corporations. We prioritize the safety and well being of our clients above everything else, and security and safety go hand in hand. We want to make sure that any security appliances installed are top-notch and working properly and that any security guards onsite have the best training and experience because this is the best way to ensure the safety of our clients and those who live or work at their home or business. We are also readily available to provide additional information. This is why we have the option on our website to email or call us to get a quote for whatever security services you are interested in. We strive to make the process of hiring guards or installing appliances as convenient as possible for you which is why we make an effort to respond to enquiries as soon as possible and take payment in whatever form is easiest for you (check, cash, or card). If you are concerned about the safety of those present at your home or business, we know you do not want to have to worry about a difficult process for getting more security.

A Variety of Security Services

At Strong Box Security Services we offer many different security services to the residents of Stoneham, MA. We are available for security contracts, emergency callouts, and investigations. We offer construction site security, corporate security, residential security, vehicle patrol, and uniformed security guards, either unarmed or armed. Whether you want to increase the security of your home or prevent vandalism and theft of materials at a construction site, we are here for you! Our guards can accomplish an array of tasks in a corporate setting, including manning stationary posts or front desk areas, conducting COVID-19 screenings, scanning security checkpoints, and more! If you are not interested in having guards on site, there are other ways to increase security. We can install security appliances including alarms, security cameras, locks and fences; all proven ways to lessen theft and vandalism at your residence or place of work. Whatever kind of security you are interested in, we are happy to help!In addition, we do not just provide traditional security services; we are also available for consultations and money transport in Middlesex. If you have a security plan laid out and would like a professional opinion, we will look over your plans and offer advice and suggestions. Furthermore, if you are concerned about transporting large sums of money for your business in Stoneham, MA, we are available to covertly transport funds in vehicles. We offer services beyond guards and other security because the most important things to us are that your home or business is properly protected from theft, no matter the situation.

Want to Know More?

If you have any other questions or are still debating hiring Strong Box Security Services for your construction site security or other security needs, do not hesitate to call us at varCompany phone. We will help you figure out what security services are best for you, your family, or your business in Stoneham, MA. The most important thing to us is that you receive quality service in order to keep those at your home or business safe; rest assured that we will do everything we can to accomplish this! Look no further for “security guard services near me” and give us a call today!

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