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Security Guards Gleasondale

Security Guards In Gleasondale

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Security Patrols in Gleasondale, MA.

Do you want a strong security presence at your residence or business? Are you considering hiring security guards in Gleasondale, MA? You can hire guards to come to your Middlesex business for different types of services; one of them is a security patrol. This may be a valuable investment of your time and money if you work at a bank, a jewelry shop, or another location where the potential for robberies is high and you wish to take necessary steps to prevent theft and violence. Here is everything you need to know about hiring security patrols in Gleasondale, MA.

What Exactly is a Security Patrol?

Security patrols are on-site security guards who will perform a variety of tasks to maintain the security of your residence or business in Middlesex. As the name suggests, guards will patrol the premises to monitor checkpoints and points of entry. They will also monitor and control who enters and exits the property, check security equipment regularly to make sure it is in working order, and, if the situation calls for it, raise the alarm in the event of a security breach, protect those present, or detain violent individuals. You can have peace of mind that your family or employees are well protected if you choose to hire security patrols.

What Kind of Training do Security Guards Receive?

All security guards must receive training from the state and hold a security officer license. In addition, armed guards must receive additional firearms training and have an additional license. Many guards also receive first aid training. Furthermore, security guards must undergo extensive background checks to ensure they can be trusted with the monumental task of maintaining others’ safety. At Strong Box Security Services, our guards are extensively trained, must attend 40 hours of training annually (with an additional 40 hours if using firearms), are trained in CPR and first aid, and are very experienced, coming from a variety of security backgrounds including law enforcement, military, homeland security, SWAT, and TSA.

Checking Your Security

Security patrols will start by looking over the security you already have in place and familiarizing themselves with the environment at your residence or business. They will do a perimeter check to determine if there are any weak spots and where people may be able to break in. They will mark the exit and entry points of the building to determine which areas require the most security. They will test the functionality of locks, access panels, security cameras, alarms, and any other relevant devices on site. They also may notice things that are wrong with your security that technology will miss and will prevent incidents before they arise. Security patrols will not simply stand guard; they will make sure that all security concerns at your location are in working order to ensure the security of all those present.

Trained Observers

Security patrols are trained to observe environments and situations and identify potential threats, and as they spend more time at your residence or business, they will get even better at this aspect of their job. They will become more familiar with how things work on the property and who is there regularly, so they will be able to identify when something or someone is out of place and if the variation presents a potential safety concern. Cameras and alarms are valuable additions to security systems, but a trained human eye will pick up on things that security will miss. If you want a constant watchful eye observing the environment, hiring security patrols may be the right choice for you.

A Greater Presence than Other Security

Security patrols have a much greater physical presence than technological forms of security, such as security cameras or alarm systems. Cameras and alarms are designed to be unobtrusive; they are typically not noticeable until there is a security issue. They are good for most residences and some businesses where the chance of theft isn’t high and the owners just want some warning if someone does try to break in. However, in the case of locations such as banks or jewelry shops, having more obvious security could be an advantage. At locations where large amounts of money or valuable items are handled, the chance of break-ins is much higher. Having guards present to act as a deterrent will help prevent such incidents from taking place, because potential thieves may decide it is not worth the risk if they see a guard present. People who install cameras and alarms in their homes sometimes have a sign out front to indicate that the location is protected; having security patrols present accomplishes the same thing, but the message is much stronger. If you want to make a statement that the location is well protected, having security guards present is a good way to do so.

Other Areas of Safety

Security guards are trained in many areas of safety. Having security patrols on site will surely help protect people from harm and act as a deterrent to crime and violence, but their training goes far beyond that. Security guards are trained in preventing conflict and defusing potentially dangerous situations; having them present is a good way to create a safe, peaceful professional environment. Furthermore, many security guards are trained in first aid in case of emergencies. At Strong Box Security Services, our security guards receive both CPR and first aid training. You want to prevent violence at all costs, but you can rest assured that if someone is harmed, a security guard will be able to help until first responders arrive. The extensive training of security guards will ensure the safety and well-being of those present at your location in Gleasondale, MA.

Considering Hiring Security Patrols?

If you have decided that hiring security patrols is the route for you, give us a call at Strong Box Security Services today! We offer a variety of security services and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Our number one priority is your safety, which is why we strive to provide the best security services in Middlesex.

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