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Security Guards River Pines

Security Guards In River Pines

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Armed Security in River Pines, MA.

If you are considering hiring security guards in River Pines, MA, you may be thinking about what kind of defenses you want your security guards to have. Armed security is a serious investment and there are many liabilities and dangers you must be aware of if you want to have loaded weapons on site; however, it may be worthwhile depending on what kind of location you want security for. If you do decide you want armed security, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Strong Box Security Services for a quote and more information about our experienced and highly trained guards.


Stronger Protection

Armed guards will be more capable of handling any threat at your Middlesex residence or business. If you are worried about violence and break ins, having guards with firearms will act as a deterrent to crime as well as being a fail safe if necessary to protect your family or employees from harm. Having armed guards on site means you will not have to wait for the police to arrive in case of an emergency; you can be assured of your safety and that you are protected. In addition, violent individuals are not the only potential problem for your business. Having guards around at your location will mean there will be more surveillance in general, making it more difficult for thefts and damages to take place and ensuring that your business runs smoothly. You will have peace of mind that there will be no violence or disturbances on site with guards there to protect those present from harm.


It is possible that no break-ins will even take place if you have armed security guards; firearms are a powerful deterrent and it is unlikely that individuals will want to try to break in at your location if they are going to come face to face with armed security. It is a bigger risk for potential thieves and vandals, one they may decide is simply not worth it and leave you business alone. Armed security provides reassurance that you will be protected from violence, but just having it might prevent problems before they occur. A physical presence is a powerful deterrent against criminals, one that might be a worthwhile investment if your business handles large amounts of money or other valuable products.

More Training and Background Checks

You can rest assured that armed security guards are trained, professional individuals, even more so than regular security guards or other employees. Security guards are required to go through extensive training and background checks before they are allowed to handle firearms. They must be licensed both as a security guard and hold a firearms license, as well as attend annual training to stay up-to-date on operating procedures. Background checks are extremely in-depth to ensure that individuals who are hired to be armed security guards can be trusted to use guns safely in a professional environment. If you choose to hire armed security, you can be sure that the people you are hiring are safe and professional.



Hiring armed guards will cost more than just getting alarms and security cameras. Paying someone to be at your location is obviously more expensive, and guards who are trained to handle firearms even more so. There is also a higher demand for armed security than unarmed, so it will cost more. Armed security guards can cost up to $100 an hour in River Pines, MA, and there will be additional insurance costs, so be sure that this is a necessary investment for your business. Having guards on site will mean constant assurance and protection for your family or your employees, but having this constant presence will cost you.

Increase in Insurance

Having firearms on site at your Middlesex residence or business increases the potential for injuries, damages, and even fatalities. From the perspective of an insurance company, this means a greater chance that they will have to pay for repairs and lawsuits; therefore, if you are hiring armed security, the cost of insurance will probably go up. Investing in guards who carry firearms will also mean investing in insurance to protect your business interests. 

More Training and Evaluation Required

There is a lot more training necessary for guards to carry firearms. They need to train to use the weapons properly, which will take time and money, but this is not the only consideration. In order for security guards to carry firearms, they will likely have to go through more evaluation and do more background checks to ensure they will not endanger anyone if they are given a weapon. Just having a weapon present increases the potential for violent situations, therefore you will need to be sure that the people who carry these weapons are properly trained and certified. It might take extra time to verify that the guards you are hiring have these qualifications.

Public Perception

There is much controversy surrounding guns and other armed weapons and whether they should be employed at businesses, so you should be prepared for some backlash if you are hiring armed guards. Gun violence is at the forefront of political debate; if you are hiring security for a business, potential clients and customers may not like that your guards are carrying firearms and this may hurt your public image and even cost you some profits. You should consider if the benefits outweigh the costs of armed security; for example, if the product you are selling costs enough that having it stolen would be a bigger loss than losing a few clients, armed security may be a worthwhile investment.

Final Thoughts

Having firearms present at your location in River Pines, MA presents some strong advantages, but a variety of complications. This is a decision you should take very seriously and research well before bringing guards to your Middlesex residence or business. If the location you want to protect handles large sums of money, such as a bank, or sells valuables such as jewelry, tighter security might be worthwhile because of the greater potential for robberies. If you are still unsure, feel free to call us at Strong Box Security Services, and we will answer any remaining questions you have.

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