Training Services - Woman at the target range


Here at Strongbox, we pride ourselves on being the most highly trained professionals in the industry. As such, we put an emphasis on training throughout the year for our operators and management team. Because we believe so strongly in the value and importance of training, we feel that we should share our passion with others. We not only strive to provide the very best in security solutions for our clients, but feel we can train others to live safer, more secure lives. All of our training courses are designed to be accessible to the military and Law Enforcement community as well as to the general public. We encourage everyone to live life to the fullest as our forefathers intended, but in an era of uncertainty where danger lurks behind every corner, everyone should be prepared to defend what matters most to them.

The following is a list of classes that we currently offer. Classes will be added throughout the year and we are always looking for your input and suggestions. To inquire about or enroll in one of our training courses, please email:

We can also customize all of our courses to fit the needs of individuals and groups. These classes include:

  • Basic Firearms Safety (Fulfills the Massachusetts licensing requirements for the LTC)
  • Advanced Firearms Safety (includes time at the range)
  • Basic Tactical Handgun
  • Advanced Tactical Handgun
  • Basic Tactical Shotgun
  • Advanced Tactical Shotgun
  • Basic Tactical Rifle
  • Advanced Tactical Rifle
  • Woman’s Self Defense to include section on Pepper Spray
  • Campus Safety for College Students
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness for Parents with Teenage Children
  • Disaster Survival in an Urban Setting
  • Disaster Survival in a Rural Setting
  • Disaster Prep 101

please email: