Image of security guard supervisor talking to a security guard on duty.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are plagued by theft of tools and expensive building materials, loitering and trespassing, and alarm system failures which may put a building or site at risk.

Guards monitor and patrol construction sites in order to deter theft and other crimes.  We also perform fire watch and hot works fire watch functions.  We protect your bottom line so you can concentrate on finishing your project on time and budget.    

Construction Site Security Guards for Hire

Your construction site is full of valuable assets and valuable people, and yet it’s incredibly vulnerable to all sorts of mischief, emergencies, and criminal activity. If you want to protect both your people and your assets without overextending your construction crew, then it’s time to consider hiring construction site security services.

With construction site security from Strongbox Security Services, you can put the crucial task of protecting your property and all of its occupants in the hands of trained professionals with the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done right. Our construction security guards keep your site safe and secure.

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